Our Services

Business Functions

  • Agency business for air and ocean carriers
  • Freight forwarding business
  • International-multimodal-transport business and its agency business
  • Truck transportation business
  • Marine shipping brokerage / Custom house brokerage / Warehousing


Packaging, display and storage of quasi drug, cosmetics and medical equipment.

Leasing of containers, loading equipment, logistics equipment and logistics information systems.

Casualty insurance agency business.

Logistics consultancy business.

Other businesses connected to or related with the above.


Business Skills

Career Skills

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Technical Skills

Who Are We?

The services of ALL AFRICA LOGISTICS are extended of warehousing and declaration services. The company focuses mainly on the domestic, but also international transport of metallurgical materials and additional logistics services. The company has a number of years of experience and expertise connected to the road and rail transport and transhipment of goods and bulk materials (i.e. pig iron, ferroalloys, coke, etc.) light and heavy chemicals and also transhipments at border transhipments points of countries that use a different rail gauge.

All Africa Logistics

Lot 33, Cite Saoudi, Saline Ouest, Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti
Tel: +253 21 34 73 34/ Mob: +253 77 74 56 08